Summary: IBC Advanced Alloys is a leading manufacturer and developer of advanced alloys for the global market with a focus on specialty copper alloys and high performance beryllium aluminum castings.

Campaign objectives: Client was seeking break-through exposure on Google for the following 21 keywords:

beryllium copper alloys, copper beryllium alloys, copper alloy products, copper alloy producers, copper alloy manufacturers, copper beryllium alloys for aerospace, copper beryllium alloys for defense, copper beryllium alloys oil and gas, copper beryllium alloys welding, copper beryllium alloys injection molding, oxygen free copper with silver, oxygen free copper with phosphorous, beryllium copper, Copper Chrome Silicon Nickel, Chrome Copper Zirconium, Chromium Copper, Naval Brass, Uninhibited, Naval Brass, Copper-Aluminum Bronze, Copper Nickel Bronze, Copper Nickel 10%.

Note: before engaging Maximum Harvest, client did not have a single keyword listed on the first page of Google's search results and was not generating any investor relations leads off any third-party web sites.

Results: within four weeks after retaining maximum Harvest, client was able to secure the search engine positions outlined further below. In addition, client is currently generating 5-10 actionable investor relation leads per day, captured exclusively via the content assets build by Maximum Harvest.


Keyword Google
beryllium copper alloys 5
copper beryllium alloys 4
copper alloy products 7
copper alloy producers 5
copper alloy manufacturers 6
copper beryllium alloys for aerospace 4
copper beryllium alloys for defense 3
copper beryllium alloys oil and gas 2
copper beryllium alloys welding 4
copper beryllium alloys injection molding 1 (and 2)
oxygen free copper with silver 4
oxygen free copper with phosphorous 2
beryllium copper 7
Copper Chrome Silicon Nickel 1
Chrome Copper Zirconium 4
Chromium Copper 9
Naval Brass, Uninhibited 5
Naval Brass 9
Copper-Aluminum Bronze 1
Copper Nickel Bronze 1
Copper Nickel 10% 10