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Summary: provides a legal, free-to-download music platform where advertisers pay for a consumer's music download.

Campaign objectives: Client was unable to gain any type of traction in terms of both Youtube video channel views as well as on-site music video streams for a timely “Nirvana 20-year Anniversary” promotion. Additionally, client was seeking a way to leverage the “Nirvana event” via online press releases.


Campaign start: October 7, 2011

Statistical Overview of Video Views

Name of asset: Claes Loberg Fox Business
Views at start: 1,203
Views as of October 28, 2011: 24,338
Net gain: 23,171 views

Name of asset: Tech9ne Guvera
Views at start: 1353
Views as of October 28, 2011: 19,512
Net gain: 18,159 views

Name of asset: Nirvana 20 Year Anniversary Promo
Views at start: 0
Views as of October 28, 2011: 19,705
Net gain: 19,705 views

Important Note: Even after the contractual period had ended, all videos were still generating a healthy flow of traffic, as evidenced by the screenshot below (third-party traffic analytics).

Statistical Overview of Press Release Distribution

Within the first month of the campaign, Maximum Harvest was able to secure massive online distribution of Guvera's press release by placing the release on over 130 press release sites, which generated a combined readership in excess of 500,000 people in its first 30 days.

Below is a screenshot of one such release. This single release generated over 45,000 reads and went “viral”, being reposted 131 times via StumbleUpon.