A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
Michael LeBoeuf


Maximum Harvest (MH) is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the development and delivery of high-yield leads; the type of leads that are difficult to produce using traditional marketing methods.

The value per lead generated by MH (in terms of dollar value to the client) typically ranges from a low of $100 all the way to tens of thousands of dollars, or more.  MH’s lead generation campaigns fall within three conversion cycles (short-term, mid-term and long-term); each cycle reflecting the period of time between a lead being generated and the lead’s correlating sales cycle coming to completion.



Maximum Harvest has developed a proprietary method of delivering highly targeted (keyword specific) Internet traffic. Dubbed “keyword monetizer,” the system first identifies popular keyword searches performed daily via major search engines then deploys content assets specific to the exact search string entered into a search engine by an Internet user.

A content asset (standard web site, blog or custom landing page) is developed in a way that provides the most appropriate answer to a user’s specific search query. Once that resource exists, it is optimized to allow for rapid search engine indexing and prominent display within search results. In addition, the system optimizes traffic driven to individual content assets outside the scope of search engines, via social networking, social bookmarking, blogging and more.

We create keyword-specific web traffic on a massive scale and generate a high return on investment by converting the traffic into actions and transactions on behalf of our clients.



At Maximum Harvest, we like to build lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns from the ground up.  We are very hands-on, detail oriented and fully engaged in our clients’ campaigns from start to finish.



Maximum Harvest specializes in the development and optimization of keyword-specific web assets. These assets are specifically designed to protect and optimize the positioning of generic, brand and trademark names within SERPs (search engine results pages) while at the same time generating highly targeted search traffic to client-designated, conversion-minded landing pages.

Our approach to search engine optimization is an innovative, highly effective, “white hat” strategy (no search engine trickery) and does not affect a client’s current positioning efforts in any way. Initial results of a campaign are continually tracked and can be measured within 2-4 weeks. The resulting traffic is the highest converting media that money can buy.



At the heart of Maximum Harvest’s lead generation and customer acquisition model is its unique organic search-engine strategy. This strategy employs keyword-centric landing pages and content assets optimized to achieve the highest possible rankings and the best possible conversions from the “click” to the “action”.

Additionally, if the time line or scope of a campaign requires a more rapid deployment, MH may syndicate a lead generation offer via one or multiple affiliate networks.  Select syndicators are then given MH’s pre-tested and pre-approved creatives (i.e. banners, text links, HTML emails, and landing pages) and are compensated only when they deliver a bona fide lead to MH.



Once an offer has been successfully tested via our traffic delivery system, Maximum Harvest can reach out to large web publishers and networks of publishers with whom we have established relationships.  These publishers are compensated on a performance basis.

We provide each publisher with pre-tested, pre-approved creative (banners, text links, landing pages, lead generation pages, etc), but we handle all technical and marketing implementation of the program.  At this stage, the affiliated publisher or network has reviewed our click to conversion data (how many clicks are needed to generate a bona fide lead),which provides an accurate representation of what ROI the publishers can expect. The publishers then distribute the specific offer or offers to their network and media outlets which dramatically increases the reach and effectiveness of the campaign.

This syndication effort is all about “strategy leverage”.  The amount of traffic and leads Maximum Harvest can deliver via SEARCH is finite; the amount of AFFILIATE traffic and leads Maximum Harvest can create is virtually unlimited.